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Nammos Mykonos

In 2003 Nammos was created in an effort to amalgamate all the charisma and appeal of the fascinating beach of Psarou in a venue that would eventually redefine opulent beach life. A restaurant that serves sophisticated dishes; a beach bar where the parties seem to emerge from the waves; an establishment that never seizes to improve, introducing its devotees with new services and exquisite facilities year after year.

After more than a decade of making the headlines Nammos became a point of reference throughout the world. In Nammos’ story you will find an opulent beach life, yacht services, luxurious cabanas and the latest trends in fashion. Winter 2016 will be remembered as the season that Nammos acquired a winter alter ego. At the top of the French Alps, Nammos Courchevel 1850 is the winter spot of luxury that everyone loves!

Nammos Village

Nammos Village combines the biggest and best known international luxury and fashion brands, contemporary Greek designers and exceptional modern art, all set in a tranquil, beautifully landscaped shopping village.

If you tire of shopping, buy the papers from our international kiosk and take a eat in the café or grab a drink at the bar. Bring the family and take the kids to the playground, get pampered at the Nammos Spa or if you prefer, just walk down to the beach…